Fish Slicer

This fish slicer machine is mainly to slicing the fish to be fillet; It also can slicing the Salmon, beef louver, pork liver, squid, etc.

Product Details

Fish Slicer

Generally introduction of the fish slicer machine

This fish meat slicing machine can slicing the fish, salmon, beef louver, pork liver, squid, etc. A piece of fish can cutting to be two pieces, and then can completely slicing to many small pieces. This machine can slicing 280-300pieces each hour. Generally speaking, the sliced fish pieces' thickness is 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm. The oblique cutting angle is 30° and 45°.The quick freezing plate on the control panel can control the slicing speed.

The maximum feeding width is less than 15CM, the maximum length is 40CM. The fish slicer machine can be washed directly with water when cleaning. This slicer machine use the waterproof motor, which is more safe, and with long-term service life.

Automatic fish slicing machine

Technical Parameters of the fish slicing machine

YGM-300 Automatic Fish Slicer Machine
Power1.5 kw
220/380V, 50/60Hz, Customized
Slicing speed
280-300pcs/h         can slicing a fish each 15s
Oblique slicing angle30° , 45°
Max. feeding width15CM
Max. feeding length40CM

Application of the fish slicing machine

The fish slicer machine suitable for slicing salmon, all kinds of boned fish, pork belly, beef louver, pork liver, beef liver, squid and other soft varieties. Be careful not to cut frozen fish or fish with bones.

Fully automatic fish slicing machine

Advantages of the fish slicing machine

1. This fish slicing machine is stainless steel machine body, high quality stainless steel blade, easy to cleaning, antirust, corrosion resistance;

2. High Efficiency, can slicing 280-300pieces each hour, labor-saving, one-time molding, uniform slices. The fresh fish is processed and sliced uniformly, with adjustable size, angle and thickness.

3. All kinds of fish can be sliced.

4. It can process the fresh fish weight≤ 10 kg, if fish ≥10 kg, the sliceing machine need to be customized.

5. The finished fish fillets are perfectly smooth, do not damage the fish body, and keep the fish shape.

Automatic fish slicer details

How to operate use the fish slicing machine?


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