Fast Food Truck

Fast Food Truck Food Tricycle Van Multifunctional electric popular food cart catering trailer food truck for sale, We are a professional food trailer manufacturer in China. We have our own factory and many years of production experience, exported a lot of times to many countries in America, Europe, Australia etc.

Product Details

1. Production Introduction of the Fast Food Truck

This Yogemann Fast Food Truck Trailer integrates the functions of roasting, deep-fried, cutting, simmering, hot, steaming and boiling. It can be used in breakfast, lunch, dinner. The color, logo, inner equipments of the fast food truck can be customized according to your needs. Variety, price concessions, and perfect after-sales. You can sell any thing by this mobile fast food truck, it’s a mobile tricycle, can use it to sale coffee, hot dog, hamburger, fruit juice, wafle, cakes, ice cream, book, fruit, vegetables, ect.

1) Chassis and Frame: Fast Food Truck's Integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with high quality rust resistant protective coating and steel glass windows; Wheels: Double axles with braking system and 4 tyres and One Lifting Guide Pulley;

2) Flooring: Stainless steel checkered plate with drain, easy to clean up, and firm inside of the fast food truck.

3) Water System: this fast food truck with Double stainless steel sink supply hot and cold water system, 12V mini water pump and 12V power adapter; One 7L water heater; on/off control switch; a 100L fresh water tank and a 100L waste water tank in the Colorful Street Mobile Fast Food Truck Trailer;

4) Electric Accessories: as for the fast food truck, it with 1 integrate lamps with one on/off switch; 4 Multi-Function electric sockets; Power control box, Breaker and so on.

5) Body: The fast food truck Trailer material is Glass Re-enforced Panel 14mm; Two side lift up windows and plus one lift up window on the front; The door on the back of the fast food truck food van; with the stainsteel working platform.

6) Music player: one set of audio music player, which can play MP3, MP4, AVI and so on, you can enjoy the Music or broadcasting your goods.


2. 2. 2.

Applications of the fast food truck

this fast food truck trailer food tricycle van can be Snack shop, cake room, leisure fast food shop, tea restaurant, Coffee shop, Chinese restaurant, bakery equipment, beverage shop, coffee shop, small busines, ect.



3. Product Specification of the Fast Food Truck Trailer

Model: YGM-3CC 

Technical date: 

Size: 3500*1500*2300(mm)( size can be customized according to customer's requirements) 

Body size: 2200*1500*2000mm 

Power: 1.5 KW 

Voltage: 5Pcs*12V 

Weight: 800kg 

Load capacity: 1200kg 

Running speed: 25-45km/h

Recharge mileage: 40-80km 

Battery type: environmental immunity protection storage batte

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Start your own snacks food business from now! We can customize the fast food truck food trailers for you according to your requirements, such as: coffee carts, ice cream carts, hot dog truck, hamburger trucks, fast food trailers, mobile kitchen, mobile book store, mobile walfe machine, and donut trailers etc... Anything you want. You imagine, we can realize for you. Lower costs, simple operation, popular Food Tricycle fast food truck built for you.

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6. Deliver, Shipping and Service of the Fast Food Truck Tricycle

1) During the manufacture process, we will send you production processing photos and videos for your reference. And send you the finisdhed fast food truck for your confrim before shipping.

2) Transport packaging: plywood or pearl cotton packaging, firmly secured to ensure transport safety. 3) 20'container 2 unit, 40'container 3 units.

4) Warranty period: one year warranty.

7. FAQ of the fast food truck

Q1. I want to buy this fast food truck trailer, how I can get it?

Yogemann: This is very simple, pls contact us for details!

Q2: Do you offer guarantee for this fast food truck trailer van?

Yogemann: Yes. we offer ONE year warranty for this Mobile Fast Food Truck Trailer.

Q3: How do you ship the Colorful Street Mobile Fast Food Truck Trailer and how long is the sea time?

We usually ship by sea transportation, and it takes 3-35 workdays to arrive.

Q4. Do you have any other models fast food truck?

Yogemann: Yes, please contact us, and will send you our newst catalog for your reference.

Q5. How is the shipping process for the fast food truck?

Yogemann: Yes, sure, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.