It is very important to choose the type of vacuum packer reasonably

- Aug 15, 2018-

Nowadays, there are still many kinds of vacuum packaging machines in the market, and there are some differences in the general performance of different types of vacuum packaging machines. Therefore, when we choose this kind of products in the market, we should choose according to our actual needs. So what should we consider when choosing vacuum packaging machines? What matters should we pay attention to?

1. When choosing vacuum packer, we should pay attention to the selection of control panel. In our life, the general control panel is the mechanical panel, the mechanical panel is controlled by manual buttons, and the computer panel is controlled by PLC. If damaged, the replacement cost is relatively high, not practical.

2, in addition, when choosing equipment, we need to determine the type and size we need in time. Unreasonable size is not conducive to our work, such as the vacuum packer product size is too large, we have to change the vacuum chamber.

3. If you require the packaging power of the equipment, you need to increase the vacuum pump of the equipment. Only in this way can we improve the packaging power of the vacuum. Because the size of the vacuum pump is directly related to the strength of vacuum pumping, if the strength of vacuum pumping is small, our packaging power will be relatively slow. If vacuum pumping is strong enough, our vacuum packaging power will improve.

4. Look at the number of vacuum packer suction nozzles, the general suction nozzle is an external machine, because the internal suction only a vacuum method, the external suction of the machine, is due to the suction nozzle to deepen into the product for vacuum, so the number of suction nozzles directly related to the speed of vacuum.