Maintenance of vacuum meat tumbler

- Jan 08, 2021-

How to Maintain the vacuum meat tumbler?

  1. Check the main parts of the machine before switch on the vacuum meat tumbler machine, keep the machine in normal running, clean and lubricate, and sol it immediately if any problems are found.

  2. The whole machine should be cleaned after daily working to it's cleanning and extend it's service life. When cleaning, pls be sure to prevent the switch box of the fuselage from getting wet, and it is strictly forbidden to splash water into the switch box. When the vacuum tumbler is not in use, it should be placed in a tumbled position. At the end of each work, open the bottom valve switch of the vacuum oil-water separator, drain the accumulated water, clean the inner cylinder, and clean the vacuum oil-water separator to ensure the smooth flow of the vacuum pipeline.

  3. The electrical system should be inspected and maintained once a week to ensure that it running responsively.

  4. The following parts shall be overhauled, cleaned and lubricated each half year: the two-way thrust bearing in the titling system; the single-row radial bearing on the rolling wheel device; the titling drive is filled with oil once a week through the oil cup of the lead screw slider; The bearings of the steering knuckle should be lubricated once a month; the sprocket and transmission chain on the reducer should also be lubricated with grease regularly.

  5. Check the oil level on the vacuum pump at least once a month. Rotate the disc on the vacuum pump box to look at the observation hole, and you can see the oil level observation window of the vacuum pump. If the oil level drops below 2/3, add vacuum pump oil. If you find that the oil turns milky white, it means that water has entered the pump, and the oil should be replaced immediately. When changing the pump oil, first drain the pump oil, turn on the vacuum pump and turn it forward for 15 minutes without load, let the oil heat up, stop the pump and unscrew the oil plug to drain the dirty oil, use some new oil or cleaning oil to clean the pump and inject new Vacuum pump oil (new oil is 10# gasoline or engine oil), the maintenance of the vacuum pump can refer to the operation manual of the vacuum pump. , Start again for about 3 to 4 minutes, drain the oil, and then add new vacuum pump oil to 2/3 of the oil window.

  6. Check the oil level of the turbine reducer frequently. If the oil level is found to be lower than 1/2 of the oil window height, add 30# mechanical oil in time.

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