Differences among Meat Bowl Cutter Chopper meat grinder and mixer

- Jan 08, 2021-

Differences among Meat Bowl Cutter Chopper, meat grinder and mixer

The rapid development of the food industry has attracted much attention to food machinery. The progress of generations has made the production more leaner and more detailed machinery has emerged to meet the needs of consumers. Many consumers feel similar to mechanical products, especially the emergence of meat bowl choppers, meat grinders, and meat mixers that have the same effect. But they have different functions and are not similar machines. This time we come to understand their differences and effects:

1.1 Meat grinder: When meat grinders working, the raw meat is cut into pieces by the shearing effect formed by the rotating cutter and the perforated blade on the orifice plate, and the raw material is continuously discharged out of the machine under the action of the screw extrusion force. According to different material properties and processing requirements, the corresponding cutting tools and orifice plates can be configured to process different sizes' meat particles. The cutting tools are specially heat-treated, with superior wear resistance and long service life. The machine is simple to operate, easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to clean, with a wide range of applications. After the materials are processed, they can well maintain their original various nutrients and have a good fresh-keeping effect. The cutting tool can be adjusted or replaced at will according to actual requirements.

meat grinders

1.2 Meat Bowl Chopper Cutter machine: The meat bowl chopper cutter machine uses the cutting action of the high-speed rotation of the chopping knife to chop meat and auxiliary materials into meat paste or meat puree. It can also mix auxiliary materials, ice flakes, water and meat paste or meat cubes together evenly. It Use frequency conversion technology, the knife speed adjustment range is large, and it's energy saving. The design of the knife speed, the pot speed, the gap between the chopper and the chopper, the material of the chopper, and the hardness of the knife are the most reasonable. The main components are processed by a machining center to ensure processing. The blade is sharp and durable, running smoothly at high speed, and has good effect of mixing and emulsification. Imported bearings are selected; the motor complies with European standards and has strong anti-overload capability. The speed reaches 4500 rpm, which can greatly improve the emulsification effect.

Video    80L Meat bowl cutter

1.3 Meat Mixer: It becomes a stuffing machine in the food industry and the necessary equipment for material mixing. It is an equipment for making air-dried sausage products, granular/muddy mixed sausage products, and pill products. It also can be the Optional equipment for prroducing dumplings/wontons. High efficiency, fast mixing speed, automatic discharge, lower labor intensity. The unique spiral tooth arrangement makes the material mixing more uniform and the single filling volume is more. The unique three-layer sealing protection makes the equipment longer service life and easier to clean. It has good adaptability and mixing effect to granular, powder, mud, paste and slurry. It has good shape retention for lumps, has the function of forward and reverse, and has the function of automatic discharging.

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