The vacuum packing machine can also be used for packing vegetables.

- Aug 15, 2018-

Vacuum packaging machine is widely used in the food industry. Vacuum packaging machine is believed to be able to know after hearing its name, its role is to use packaging, but also to achieve vacuum packaging, such a packaging method can more protect our food safety. Here we are here to take a look at the advantages of vacuum packer packaging vegetables. Please see below.

It should be noted that not all vegetables can be packed in vacuum packers. As we all know, there are many kinds of vegetables. Different vegetables need to be kept fresh by different methods. Some vegetables can be kept fresh by vacuum packaging, while others can not. Because the vacuum packaging process will be the air out of the bag, will produce greater pressure, if it is more fresh and tender vegetables, it will crush the vegetables. Vegetables that are slightly harder are suitable for vacuum packaging.

How should we pack vegetables that can not be packed in vacuum packaging machines? Please see below.

1. Packing coriander, leek and other vegetables: you can retain the root, put the root in a bag and gently tie the bag mouth. Put it in a cool place.

2. Packaging eggplant: because the surface of the eggplant has a layer similar to wax, so itself can play a very good role in preservation, so long as the eggplant does not need water to wash, do not touch it.

3. Packaging of tomatoes: We can put the tomatoes directly into plastic bags, tie the mouth of the bags tightly, put them in a cool place, and open them once a day.