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This frozen meat grinder is the meat processing equipment with high versatility and wide application in the meat production industry. It can grinding the meat, such as: pork, beef, fish, mutton, chicken,seafood ect.

Product Details

Frozen Meat Grinder

This frozen meat grinder is the meat processing equipment with high versatility and wide application in the meat production industry. It relies on the screw to push the raw meat in the hopper box to the pre-cutting plate, and the rotary squeeze of the screw makes the orifice plate and the reamer produce relatively qualitative operation, thereby cutting the raw meat into granular shapes to ensure the uniformity of the mixing meat uniformly. Different meat fillings can achieve the ideal requirements through different combinations of orifice plates.

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This frozen meat grinder can directly cut unthawed meat pieces without thawing, and make meat pieces of different specifications without damaging the muscle fiber tissue. The meat material has a small temperature rise, which is conducive to product preservation and extends shelf life. Make preparations for chopping or mixing.

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Main Applications of meat grinder

This frozen meat grinders machine is suitable for processing industries such as sausage, ham, luncheon meat, meatballs, chili powder, pet food and other meat products. It can be applied to meat stores, deli, supermarkets, restaurants and so on.

Technical Parameters of meat grinder


YGM-400 Frozen Meat Grinders Machine


High quality steel frame and stainless steel plate


37 kw


220/380V, 50/60Hz, Customized

Rotating speed

150-240 rpm

Grinding plate hole diameter


Output capacity


Net size


Installation size


Net Weight


meat grinders machine production line

Main Advantages of meat grinder

1. The whole frozen meat grinders machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets food hygiene requirements;

2. The auger shaft has a large path, a large feed inlet, and a smooth feed. It has higher power and higher production efficiency than ordinary fresh meat grinders;

3. Reasonable design, low friction during the cutting process, slow heating of the meat, which is conducive to preservation.

4. Many different size of holes of grinding plate: φ4/φ6/φ8/φ10/φ13/φ16/φ23/φ28/φ30/φ35; can be choose;(Generally, standard equipment with two types of grinding plate)

Main parts of the grinding system

frozen meat grinders machine spare parts

Packing & Delivery

  1. Generally speaking, we have the machine on stock in factory, so can arrange the delivery after receive the payment ASAP; If need to be manufacture, need about 15-25days;

  2. As for the delivery, in cause of this model grinder machine with large size and weight, so suggestion delivery through LCL sea shipping, which with lower freight;

Yogemann machinery meat grinders

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