40L Meat Bowl Chopper

The meat bowl cutter chopper cutting machine is widely used for meat, vegetables, nuts, seafood and spices and so on; Transfer pot for casting stainless steel material and spill pans along to effectively prevent leakage phenomenon; Key parts with machining center, ensuring machining accuracy

Product Details

1. Introduction of 40L Meat Bowl Chopper machine

The 40L Meat Bowl Chopper cutter machine is used to cutting and mixing the meat to be minced meat, meat nud, fat and other materials to be meat slury; And also can be add some sault water, milk, Cumin, ice flakes and other materials according to the real needs. Through this machine, the meat can be keep fresh and natural color of the original meat at a long time.


2. Technical Parameters of 40L Meat Bowl Chopper

Product Name

YGM-ZB-40 40L Meat Bowl Chopper




220V/380V, 50Hz, can be customized



Cutting blade/knife

3 Pcs

Chopped pot speed 

12 r/min

Chopper speed 

1650/3000 r / min

Control mode



Hotel, restaurant, small-scale food-processing factory etc.

External Dimension

1245*810* 1094mm

Net Weight



3. Main Features and Applications of the 40L Meat Bowl Chopper

1) This 40L Meat Bowl Chopper meat bowl cutter meet the HACCP standard 304 stainless steel, Auto protection design to make sure safe operation;

2) 40L Meat Bowl Chopper with excellent cutting result due to the best combination of pot speed and knife; Distance is less than 2mm between the cutting pot and cutting knife.

3) Noise protecting cover noise preventing cover, Temperature monitoring and little meat temperature changing, benefit to preserve freshness;

4) This 40L Meat Bowl Chopper machine use the automatic loading and outputing device, which is very easy to operate and clean.

5) In order to ensure the machine’s processing precision, the core part use International advanced technical elements.


4. Product details of the Mini 40L Meat Bowl Chopper

1) The 40L Meat Bowl Chopper meat bowl cutter chopper cutting machine’s main body is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, with reasonable structural design and high processing precision; Easy to operate and maintain;

2) It’s key components use imported components.

3) This 40L Meat Bowl Chopper sausage processing machine is widely used in meat, vegetables, seafood, condiments, etc.

4) A variety of speeds can be used to achieve a more ideal mixing effect, and the use of automatic discharge makes work easier and more efficient.

5) The 40L Meat Bowl Chopper’s electrical components are waterproof, with good sealing and easy cleaning.


5. Delivery and Factory photos of the small 40L Meat Bowl Chopper

All the 40L Meat Bowl Chopper machines will be packed with standard export free-fumigation plywood outside with plastic films inside. With preservative film, the meat slicering machine can be protected from corrosion of sea water.



6. FAQ of our small 40L Meat Bowl Chopper 

Q: How about the product quality for the 40L Meat Bowl Chopper?

A: This advanced meat bowl chopper machine welded with 304stainless steel, and the machine will be pre-tested before packing and delivery, core parts use Germany Siemens elecments with long terms service life.

Q: What about the warranty and after-sale service?

A: Our machine has 18 months guarantee, air parts and electrical parts has 6 months guarantee.  Our engineers are available to serve oversea.

Q: Are you providing training about machine installation and operation of the 40L Meat Bowl Chopper?

A: Yes, our engineers can teach you in our factory or give you a class in your factory.

Q: What is the price term and payment method for the 40L Meat Bowl Chopper?

A: We can quote EXW, CIF,FOB,and CNF price. You can pay us by T/T.

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