Meat Smoke Oven

Electric/Gas-fired Smoke oven is mainly used for smoked products: smoked chicken, smoked meat, smoked duck, smoked pigeon, smoked sausage, roast chicken, smoked fish, roast duck, smoked dried tofu, smoked bacon, poultry, smoked sea food, aquatic products and other smoked products. Drying, coloring and forming in one time.

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Meat Smoke Oven

Generally Introduction of Meat Smoke Oven

Smoke oven is also called smoke box, smoke steamer, and fumigator. It has an excellent smoke generation and circulation system, which can evenly distribute the smoke in the furnace, so that the meat products are evenly colored and the color is beautiful, ensuring that the product has a high Production rate. The effect of smoking stove and cooking cooking can denature muscle protein and increase the hardness of meat; soften connective tissue; stabilize the color of meat; inhibit the growth of microorganisms and enzyme activity; change the binder in the product such as starch And play a very good role in bonding and solidification. But heating can also cause some vitamin loss. The smoker has the functions of cooking, smoking, drying and coloring.

50kg meat smoke oven (19)

Main Advantages of the Meat Smoke Oven

1. This meat smoke oven Use high-quality stainless steel plates, high-temperature-resistant insulation materials, good insulation effect, environmental protection and energy saving;

2. Fully computerized automatic control program, which can display temperature and humidity curve diagrams, and when the recorder is selected, it can display the operation monitoring diagram of the actuator and the operation status table of each process.

3. The Meat smoke oven's Control components: PLC, man-machine interface. Key components such as solenoid valves are imported brand-name products.

4. Imported SMC air-controlled pilot steam valve controls the steam flow, with precise temperature control and reliable operation. The temperature difference of the whole box is less than 1℃.

5. The wind blade has undergone a dynamic balance check of 3000 rpm, and the wind speed can reach 25 meters per second, which effectively ensures that the product has a uniform temperature up and down and left and right during the baking process.

6. The smoke generator adopts a wood particle smoke generator, which produces stable smoke, fast coloring, and the smoke entering the box is clean and clean.

Applications for meat smoke oven

Technical parameters of the Meat Smoke Oven

A. Technical Parameters

Packing & Delivery of the Meat Smoke Oven


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