Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler

Commercial vacuum tumbler for meat processing is suitable?for Western-style sausage, ham, bacon, grilled meats and poultry, Chinese sauce halides, leisure pickled meat processing. Especially for traditional Chinese products processing, adding tumbling treatment step, marinated soaking time can be shortened to improve the effectiveness and improve meat quality.

Product Details

Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler

1. Introduction of the automatic Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler

This automatic Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler machine is in a vacuum state, use the principle of physical impact, let the meat flip up and down in the drum, beat and hit each other to massage, to reach the pickled effect, the meat salted evenly meat adhesive products flexibility, tumbling, massage can make the flesh proteins into water-soluble protein, easily absorbed, add material (starch, etc.) and physical protein can mutually integration in order to achieve the meat is tender, good taste, high export rate. Stainless steel Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler meat marinator has a pulmonary respiratory function, product expansion in the drum, reducing the reciprocating movement to improve the organizational structure of the meat section results.


2. Technical Parameters of Industrial Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler

Product Name

YGM-GR-1500    Vacuum Meat Tumbler

YGM-GR-2000 Vacuum Meat Tumbler





220V/380V, 50Hz,    can be customized




Processing blade

6 Pcs


Chopped pot    speed 

7 r/min

Vacuum degree



Hotel,    restaurant, small scale food processing factory, meat shop, meat processing    factory etc.

External Dimension



Net Weight




3. Main Applications and Features of the Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler

The Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler Automatic Vacuum Tumble Machine has the following characteristics: 

1) This Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler can set the working time, vacuum degree, and finishing time according the needs and requirements;

2) The machine adopted the advanced digital PLC control panel, and waterproof.

3) The Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler are widely used in: workshop, wedding hall, open-air food stand, cafeteria, school canteen, hotel meat processing and other indispensable meat processing machinery.


4. Product details of the Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler massager

The industrial wholesale Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler is for processing the meat of sausage, ham, poultry, grilled meat and other meats; Through this machine, the meat can be reach a better taste condition and keep fresh in the vacuum packing bags.



5. Delivery photos of the Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler


The Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler is wrapped with stretched film, and then packed with the wooden case, finally, delivery by shipping, air flight or Express.


Delivery date will be in 7-15days after receiving the deposit. According to destination, shipment method, Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler machine's size and weight, the vacuum meat insulated tumbler can be transported by air, express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS. etc), and sea.


6. FAQ of the commercial Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler processing machine

Q: What kind of meat as raw material can be processed by this Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler?

A: The machine mainly used for processing poultry meat, such as duck,chicken, Rabbit and goose . 

Q: Can the Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler machine process both frozen and fresh chicken meat?

A: It can process frozen meat -18℃~-2℃, and also for fresh meat. Meanwhile, it can process whole chicken, chicken parts,chicken carcass and chicken skeleton.

Q: What are advantages of your Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler?

A: Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler machine adopts stainless steel for the whole machine body; Can continuously work for 24 hours, without stop. Energy saving and environmental.

Q: What is its delivery time for the Vacuum Meat Insulated Tumbler massger machine?

A: Delivery Time: 25-60 working days, different machine, different order quantity is different.

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