Common Questions For Automatic Cake Cutting Machine Slicer

- Jul 01, 2020-

Common Questions for Automatic Cake Cutting Machine Slicer

  • How does the automatic cake slicer works?

With a ultrasonic knife. This cake cutting machine is the only machine on the market available, using an ultra thin 0.4mm thick stainless steel knife. And with the Micro-computer control by the adjustable programs to cutting the cake stably.

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  • Does the automatic cake slicer can cutting any fresh soft round/square cakes?

Yes, cake cutter machine is developed to cut any fresh soft cake with no large hard pieces in its sponge ingredients. such as: coffee & walnut cake, carrot cakes, chocolate cake, cheesecakes, cream cakes and many others. This cake cutting machine can slice hundreds of types of cakes into perfectly even portions. Too frozen or hard pastry/cake can not be cut by this automatic cake cutting machine slicer.

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  • How long does the cake cutting machine take to cut a cake?

You can cut any fresh soft round/square cake into many slices in short time, very fast. Use the portion select button to select the settings and start. To slice a cake into 16 even portions takes about 30-45 seconds.

  • Can cake cutting machine cut different sized cakes?

Yes. It can 6", 7", 8", 9", 11" and 12" round cakes and square cakes to be rectangular, triangle or sector portions.

  • Is the cake cutting machine easy to operate?

Yes, this cake cutting machine slicer is very easy to operate. In cause of the automatic cake pizza cutting machine slicer use the Micro-Computer control system, only need to operate refer to the instruction. Choose the size of cake you want to cut. Putting the cake on the cutting platform, choose the number of slices you want, press the start button and in about 30 seconds you get a perfectly sliced cake.

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  • Is Automatic cake cutting machine slicer easy to keep clean?

Yes. Cake cutter slicer is very easy to clean. Only need to use the warm soapy water or anti-bacterial wipes to wiping. The cutting knife just needs use anti-bacterial paper wipes to wiping.

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