Fried Ice Cream Machine

- Jul 26, 2014-

The deep-fried ice cream machine can produce a variety of unique fried ice cream, which is the ideal machine for the production and management of a new generation of snack food. The fried ice cream machine can make the ice cream directly packaged and frozen. The fried ice cream machine is suitable for hotels, restaurants and restaurants. And small investors! The surface is steaming, the core is cold, the skin is crispy, the core is soft, and the entrance is instant. Fried ice cream is not directly put the ice cream in the pot to fry. In addition, you should also prepare the round bread and eggs. Wow, it is incredible, the bread has been fried brown, but the ice cream does not change. Fried ice cream outside Jiao Li Nen Good to eat, you will be very happy. After the ice cream is shaped, topped with the beaten egg white, then pour the brandy that is lit.