How To Make Fried Ice Cream Rolls

- Feb 02, 2012-

Practice one:

Puffs, whole eggs, 100 grams of water, 150 grams of flour. Deep fried ice cream is not directly put the ice cream in the pot to fry. In addition, you should also prepare the round bread and eggs.

First break the eggs and mix well.

How To Make Ice Cream Rolls

Take out a round loaf. If you can't buy such a sliced bread, you can cut it yourself. Then use a spoon to dig a small pit in the bread. After digging it, put it in the ice cream. Take the ice cream out of the refrigerator first. In a few minutes, otherwise the ice cream is very hard, it is not easy to dig. I will dig out the ice cream and put it in a small pit dug in the bread. If you like to eat ice cream, put more in it, then close the bread and put the bread in Roll a few eggs in the beaten egg juice, and you can blow it down in the pan.

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Open the medium fire, put the bread in the oil pan, and fry until it turns golden yellow. It takes about a minute to get out of the pan. The fried ice cream is ready. Someone must ask, the ice cream inside the bread is heated. Fried, this must be turned into soup, let's see what the result is? Wow, it's incredible, the bread has been fried brown, but the ice cream does not change. Fried ice cream outside the coke tender, delicious Do, you will be very happy.

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Practice two

1. Use an ice cream spoon (required, cheap in the One Dollar Store) to dig up an ice cream ball.

2. Put an egg in the dish, put some sugar and a little Cream. Put the ice cream ball inside and roll it.

3. At this point, you have two options:

A. Wrap the ice cream ball with white bread. (Tighten the ice hockey wrapped in the bread with both hands, don't be too strong)

B. Or, replace the bread with fried flour, roll the ice cream ball into the frying powder, and make sure the ball is covered with powder.

4. Put the ice cream ball back in the fridge and freeze it.

5. When you are in the hospital, take out the ice cream ball, lower the oil pan, don't save oil. It is best to use the canola oil to turn the French fries. Boil until the yellow pan. Place in the pan.

6. Make some embellishments, put some fruit slices on the side of the plate, pour a circle of chocolate juice, and put a small umbrella on the fried ball.

After the ice cream is shaped, topped with the beaten egg white, then pour the brandy that is lit.

The key to making is to lay the egg white: When you play the egg white, you can add a little tata powder or lemon juice, vinegar and other acidic substances to neutralize the alkalinity of the egg, to ensure that the foam of the egg is more delicate, and after the feathers are rolled, to make.

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fried ice cream roll machine

Then you can enjoy the delicious fried ice cream rolls in the hot summer, and test in the winter is also very wonderful and Stimulating.