Matters Needing Attention In Meat Cutting Machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

Points for attention are as follows:

1, when cutting meat machine, it is strictly prohibited to close the blade near the blade, so as not to cause injury.

2. When cutting frozen meat, the freezing temperature is generally between - 4 and 3 degrees. Usually the nail is pressed gently in the Xin position of frozen meat to feel soft. If the temperature is too low and the meat is too hard, it should be thawed properly; the meat should not contain bone, otherwise the blade will be damaged.

3. When feeding by hand, the force should be moderate, so as to avoid overexerting force to block the motor (fully automatic does not need to be used).

4. When the machine is cleaned, maintained, repaired and lubricated, the Bi must be operated after the power supply is closed, the power plug is dialed, and the thickness adjustment knob is adjusted to the "0" position. It is strictly prohibited to clean or move when the machine is rotating.

5. When filling with lubricating oil, pay attention not to make the grease flow to the food or food contact parts, so as to avoid contaminating the food.

6. Before grinding the knife, remove the fat and meat residue on the blade, keep the blade and grinding wheel clean and dry, otherwise the surface of the grinding wheel is pasted by fat and meat, not easy to grind.

7. If the blade is not rotated due to cutting too thick or other reasons, the Bi must turn off the power immediately, and then restart after troubleshooting. Otherwise, the heating surface of the motor will be damaged.