Food Truck Can Be Used By All Walks Of Life

- Jun 16, 2013-

Different food carts have different body structures, styles, colors, inner equipments. The application of food carts in the world is very extensive, then it can be usedin all walks of our life, such as: street mobile food shop; street news kiosk; Milk distribution cart; fast food cart in front of the park, tourist attractions, business street; Mobile resturant; Mobile kitchen in family.

Electric Food Truck

Universal food carts for four wheels usually have a freight platform. For example:  food carts with steel wire fences, folding of hand-fed carts, three-wheels food truck, climbing carts, hand carts, flat hand carts, quiet hand carts, etc. According to the material classification, it can be subdivided into stainless steel handfeeders, steel handcarts, plastic handcarts, aluminum handcarts, and so on.


Food carts in North America are generally used in gardens, while African food carts are used in more mines, while countries in the Middle East use more buildings.

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And we have many customers all over the world, the followings is the cases of the electric mobiel food carts and trucks for reference.

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