Operation Skills Of Vacuum Meat Tumbler

- Sep 26, 2020-

How to rightly operate the vacuum meat tumbler ?

1.1 Loading capacity of the vacuum meat tumbler: When the vacuum tumbler rotates, if the amount of meat in the barrel is too much, the rotation will be greatly affected, and the mixing will be uneven. If the amount of meat in the barrel is too small, it will cause excessive tumbling, damage the meat quality and increase the consumption cost. We recommend 55-65% loading each time according to the meat' density.

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1.2 Tumbling intermittent time: During the processing of the meat tumbling production, continuous tumbling is unnecessary and laborious. Suggestions as follows: letting the machine stop to rest 5-10minutes after 20minutes running.

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1.3 Tumbling time: The total tumbling time is very important to the uniformity and standardization of the meat. Once a program that can produce a standardized product is adopted, the program or tumbling cycle should remaininng.


1.4 Temperature control: Some experts believe that better cured meat color can be obtained under the warmer environment. However, considering the shelf life, safety and yield rate of the product, it's better under 2-4°C. When the product is rolled at 8°C or higher, the binding force and yield rate of the product will decrease significantly. Quality first. 

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1.5 Vacuum degree: Vacuum plays an important role in the tumbler. Vacuum can ensure that the salt water penetrates into the meat quickly and helps to remove the bubbles in the meat. The vacuum swells the meat to achieve a certain tenderness. The vacuum in the cylinder is usually drawn to 70% to 80% of an atmospheric pressure. However, if the vacuum is too high, it will be counterproductive, because the moisture in the meat is drawn out under the high vacuum.    

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1.6 Tumbler direction: The tumbler should gently push, massage, lift, curl and drop the meat to achieve the best results. The equipment should have a reversal function. The last 5 minutes of the tumbling cycle should be reversed before unloading. The tumbling machine can clean the meat and protein on the back of the drum fins.