Proper Selection Of Vacuum Packaging Machines

- Aug 15, 2018-

With the development of social economy, food vacuum packaging machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, Hotel and other industries. However, how to choose the suitable vacuum packaging machine for various manufacturers? In fact, the choice of vacuum packaging machine is no more than the type of distinction, quality, as well as the length of service life.

Generally speaking, vacuum packaging machine has desk type and landing type, the difference between the two is not big, desk type is generally 50 cm power 0.7 KW, most used in hotels, hotels and other industries. The vertical height is 110 cm power 0.7KW, which is suitable for the food industry. Vertical vacuum packaging machine can be divided into many types according to the length of the seal and the seal form, you can refer to the vacuum packaging machine Daquan.

Vacuum machine is good or bad can be seen from the appearance of the machine to do a better all aspects of the edges and corners are smooth without edges, and the quality of the vacuum packaging machine surface treatment for all stainless steel, steel plate thickness of 4mm.

How long does a vacuum packaging function last? It's a question of how long a vacuum machine can last. It's important to see how long it can last. If you work less, it must last longer. If you work longer, it's a food company that works eight hours a day. It's three or four years.