The Function Of Cutting Meat Machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

The continuous development of society, so that the demand of many industries is increasing, the kitchen equipment industry is one of them. However, the current market is relatively chaotic, so that some low-quality products can be easily accessed, thus affecting the status of China's food processing equipment in the foreign market.

Now, many industries in the process of development like to reduce prices to form sales, Xiaobian feels that price reduction is only a temporary way out, only to ensure the quality of the product, the future of the product can be guaranteed.

Diced meat cutter is an indispensable kitchen processing equipment, a wide range of applications, now, is the rapid development of the food processing industry, technological innovation, grasp the quality and service is the way to development.

Usage of dicing machine: This dicing machine has compact structure, adopts optimum sanitary design, the shell and the grille are made of stainless steel, the cutting knife adopts double-edged cutting, high efficiency, and the specifications of dicing meat are 5mm, 30mm. It is a necessary equipment in food processing.

Main features: Adjust the thickness of the cutting knob, push rod stepless speed to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness. The pre pressure design was adopted to ensure the uniform size of the diced meat during the cutting process. In single blade cutting, the meat push rod is used as stepping motion to ensure the cutting size is accurate.