Fruit Crusher And Juicer

Fruit Juice crusher and juice machine has more than one funciton than juice machine, this machine can crush the fruits and vegetable first into small parts, then to the squeeze part.very convenient.

Product Details

Fruit Crusher and Juicer

Introduction of the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

This  commercial fruit juice making machine uses high quality 304 stainless steel material, can be fruit juice and vegetable juice press work, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, the advantages of high juice rate. The products that can be processed are as follows: 

Vegetable: tomatoes, carrot, white turnip, sweet potato, potato, ginger, Chinese Cabbage, green pepper, chili, bitter gourd, cucumber, etc.

Fruit: apple, pineapple, pears, orange, grape, strawberry, bluebarry etc.

fruit crusher and juicer

Spiral continuous juicer machine

Technical parameters of the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

VoltageSingle Phase, 110/220V,  50/60HzThree Phase, 380V,  50/60Hz
Screw diameter
Filter screen aperture0.6mm

Main Features of the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

  • 304 Stainless Steel machine body, safe and anti-dxidation;

  • Wide and large inlet, 304 Stainless steel material, safe and smooth, raw material flows smoothly;

  • Slpppy residue outlet, not east to block;

  • With motor protection cover, extand the service life;

  • Long spiral press rod forward, improve the efficiency of juice expressing, and large output.

fruit juice machine

Advantages of the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

  • High Efficient, Low Consumption;

  • Easy to Operate and Maintain;

  • High Quality, Resonable Price;

  • Finish crushing, extracting juice and discharging process automatically

fruit juicer crusher machine

Factory photos of the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

fruit juicer machine

Sprial juicer machine

Packing and delivery for the Fruit Crusher and Juicer

fruit juicer machine