Fruit Ice Cream Blender

Home Appliance multifunction national Kitchen blender/food mixer/juicer/crusher soft ice cream blender has achieved the ice cream and fruit, nuts, milkshakes, a perfect combination to create a greater variety of natural fruit flavors of ice cream

Product Details

1. Introduction of the fruit ice cream blender

YGM-20 Fruit ice cream blender machine is a stainless steel fruit yogurt Ice Cream shaker blender for sale adopts commercial operating mode for high efficiency compressor at low temperature, cooling speed is more strong, discharge faster, more than 20% less electricity than similar products, the unit of time than the domestic similar type large more than 15%, longer service life.

fruit ice cream blender

2. Technical Parameters of the Fruit Ice Cream Blender

Product name 
Fruit ice cream blender
Working voltage
Single Phase, 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Warranty 12 Months after machine out of factory
swirl fruit ice cream blender

3. Main Features of the Fruit Ice Cream Blender

  • Numbers of utility model patent design, stability and better operation and lower noise;

  • The fruit ice cream blender concept of product patent design, highlighting practical better, more convenient maintenance;

  • This Special mitsubishi technology of low temperature high efficiency compressor, molding speed faster, continuous discharge capacity than the same products can increase more than 10%;

  • Refrigeration system is more efficient, less power consumption, comparable to similar products the saving electricity was above 15%;

  • Start the voltage requirements (greater than or equal to 165 v), lower starting pressure drop is smaller, more suitable for with two small cities and rural areas;

  • This fruit ice cream blender with digital speed control, city type hardness percentage display, molding animation display function;

  • Play counting function, regulating function hardness value correction, outage time setting function, motor function

  • Fault alarm display: in alarm, belt skid alarm, cooling, fault alarm, switch fault alarm, temperature alarm.

fruit ice cream blender machine

4. How to operate the fruit ice cream mixer blender?

frozen fruit ice cream blender

swirl frozen fruit ice cream blender

Enjoy the delicious cold nut fruit ice cream yogurt in the summer

Our fruit ice cream blender machine have been highly recognized by our customers,We have our own special producing engineering for all of our machines,which need much more working and to use much better material on the products,and then make the quality much better than others.

fruit ice cream blender mixer machine

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